The Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB) began operations in September 1999 consequent upon Cabinet Resolution No. 13/99 of April 19, 1999. The enabling legislation was enacted with effect from February 13, 2009 and received the assent of the Governor General on March 10, 2009.

Following its enactment, the Board began operation as a Statutory Body with effect from September 09, 2009, with the appointment of a Board of Directors by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Board comprises eleven members of diverse backgrounds under the Chairmanship of Dr. David Lowe, PhD, a specialist in Business Strategy and Financial Management. In giving his charge to the Board, the Minister essentially sketched a Vision Statement for the Board which might be concisely summarized as:
The creation of an internationally competitive milk producing sector, which contributes significantly to enhanced national wealth creation and food security through increased food self-sufficiency, while providing opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for the broad mass of small farmers who constitute the rural sector. 

The Core Functions of the Board toward the realization of this vision, were defined by the Minister as follows:

i.  Development of a programme for capacity building within the dairy sector;
ii.  Management of the trade (internal and external) in dairy products;
iii. Satisfying the requirements, and protecting the rights of the consumer;
iv. Provision of policy guidance on matters relating to the dairy sector;
v. Gathering, analysis and dissemination of relevant information,
vi. Development of programmes for ensuring the sustained financial viability of the Dairy v. Board in the execution of its mandate.

The Board is currently finalizing a Medium Term Strategic Plan to ensure a focused approach to the execution of the above core functions. In this regard the following Mission Statement has been adopted:

’Ensuring the achievement of the measurable targets established by the Minister of Agriculture through policy formulation, capacity building and the creation of a regulatory framework to drive the attainment of international competitiveness.

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Hugh Graham
Chief Executive Officer
Richard Miller


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