The effectiveness and responsiveness of the JDDB is maintained through its close collaboration with the following agencies/organizations:

01. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries www.moa.gov.jm

The mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is to advance the development of a modern, efficient and internationally competitive agricultural sector and the sustainable management of these resources to promote food security and contribute to rural development and the overall well-being of our people.

02. Jamaica Livestock Association www.jlaltd.com

The Jamaica Livestock Association (JLA) is one of the primary representative bodies for the livestock farmers of Jamaica. The JLA provides support and consultation services in the form of technical field officers, a pharmacist for consultation on animal health products and veterinarians who advise on animal health care issues.

03. Statistical Institute of Jamaica www.statinja.com

The main function of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica is to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information in relation to commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and condition of the Jamaican people.

04. The Trade Board Ltd. www.tradeboard.gov.jm

Trade Board Ltd. grants export and import licenses to Jamaican business and issues trade identification numbers. A limited liability company, headed by a Trade Administrator and managed by a Board of Directors.

05. Beef and Dairy Producers Association of Jamaica

The Beef and Dairy Producers Association of Jamaica (BDPAJ) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in November 2005.  Its mandate is to represent, promote, and advance the interest of local cattle sector (Beef and Dairy).  BDPAJ and the Jamaica Dairy Farmers Federation, an affiliate, are joint venture partners in Beef and Dairy Products limited, a management company established to pursue commercial activities.
President: Robin Crum Ewing: greencastle@ix.netcom.com Secretariat:bduffus@gmail.com

06. Eastern Livestock Association www.greencastletropicalstudy

The aim of ELDA is to encourage farmers in the parishes of St. Mary, Portland and St. Thomas, who in times past raised cattle as an integral part of their farming operation, to be a part of the re-building process of the National Herd.
Secretary: Trevor Stoddart:


07. Jamaica Hope Cattle Breeders Society

The Jamaica Hope Cattle Breeders Society was formed in 1953 to oversee the sustained improvement of the breed.  The Jamaica Livestock Association Ltd, provides the Secretariat for the Jamaica Hope and the other cattle breeders societies.
Chairperson: Mrs. Betty Wates

08. North Carolina State University Dairy Records Management System (DRMS)

Through a two-year agreement with the Dairy Records Management System operated out of the North Carolina State University, Jamaica dairy farmers now enjoy access to a ‘state of the art’ dairy management information system, used by over 16,200 US dairy herds spread over 45 states.  For more information visit the website www.drms.org.

09. Development Bank of Jamaica; www.dbankjm.com

DBJ’s mission is to facilitate the growth and development of all viable enterprises in the productive sectors of the Jamaican economy. These sectors include agriculture and agri-processing, manufacturing, information technology, mining and quarrying, energy, services and tourism.

10. National Peoples Cooperative Bank of Jamaica.

The PC bank's mission is to promote and assist the social and economic development of its members and the rural communities by providing the financial guidance and services they need.