Services for Processors

The JDDB’s responsibility as regulators is to enable a safe and orderly environment to facilitate trade by creating synergies between processors and farm clusters as a feeder to supply milk for further processing.  The JDDB also partners with processors to promote dairy products and value added products in a targeted way as part of national food security, nation building and social responsibility. 

Regulate the Farm Gate Price

Farm Gate Price is the amount paid to the farmers for 1 litre of milk. This is determined by prevailing cost of production, imports among other factors that is reviewed, gazzeted and communicated yearly to key stakeholders.

Milk Powder Allocation

As regulators we are tasked to protect local dairy production and its stakeholders. With this in mind we support companies in monitoring their milk powder imports in order to adequately balance fresh milk production and milk powder imports. 

  1. Client visit or call the Trade Board to make request for License. Advice will be given to fill out application online.
  2. Client complete and submit Application online to Trade Board. 
  3. Application is review by Trade Board.
  4. Application is sent to Jamaica Development Dairy Board (JDDB) for Approval.
  5. Application is reviewed and accessed to ensure all relevant information is given. (Site Visit conducted)
  6. Send Response of Approval or other recommendations to Trade Board.
  7. Client/Company then submits application for Import Permit through Veterinary Service Division for processing.
  8. Veterinary Services Division then sends Permit Application form to JDDB for Approval after which approval or other recommendations are returned to the Veterinary Services Division.
  9. Both entities will communicate with the Client/Company.

We applaud the efforts of our processors that creates a variety of milk based products for consumers to enjoy to include fresh milk, flavoured milk, cheese etc. (see nutrition products