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Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw (right) speaks to CEO of CB Group Matthew Lyn (centre) and senior manager, livestock support at Nutramix Dr Gabrielle Young after the launch of a new initiative to boost dairy and beef cattle production.

Jamaica's beef and dairy industry has got a big boost with the official launch of the National Livestock Genetic Improvement and Breeding Technology Programme, which seeks to improve the gene pool for cattle.

Improved Production

The Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB) is to step up beef and milk production in Jamaica through an initiative in which farmers will be trained in how to plant grass to ensure a sustainable source of feedfor their animals.

Minister Floyd Green

The Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB) in partnership with Island Dairies Ltd handed over 300 50-lb bags of silage to the St Elizabeth Dairy Development Co-operative.

The handover is in keeping with the JDDB’s mission to provide farmers with improved access to nutritious feed material for dairy cattle in the parish.